Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thing 23

I cant believe I am finally done! I have learned so many new concepts and tools to use in my classroom. One of my favorite discoveries in this journey was researching the wikis. I plan to implement several of the tools I learned in my classroom this fall.
One of the only problems I encountered while participating in this project was the inability to download my Photostory movie.

Thing 22

Implementing Ning into the high school would be an effective tool help open the lines of communication within the English department and the school environment. Teachers and administrators would be able to answer questions and concerns that may arise in a non-threatening matter. In order for all shareholders to effectively communicate with each other their needs to be another form of communication to address all staff needs and questions.

Thing 21

I enjoyed using Photostory to create this book trailer. One of my only concerns is the inability to access the Photostory software on all computers to create projects. Also the difficulty of saving and downloading the movie can be an issue.

I am still waiting for my Photostory to download.

Zadoff, A. (2009). Food, girls, and other things I can't have : a novel . Egmont USA: New York.

Thing 20

The ability to use TeacherTube in the classroom is an valuable tool to help reinforce concepts taught in the classroom. The video I choose to embed is on postings in cyberspace. Students must understand how what he/she uploads into cyberspace is permanent and come back to haunt them when they least expect it.

Thing 19

One of the my favorite sites I found on Web 2.0 awards was Urbanspoon. The web page included reviews, pictures, and menus on local restaurants.
One of the best features of Web 2.0 is the top web sites are condensed into one site. The ability to find sites that can be implemented into the classroom in one web page, helps teachers add valid sites to differentiate their instruction.

Thing 18

Disadvantages of online productivity documents

  • Students may have a difficult time navigating the software
  • Not all native languages are represented on the site
  • There is a 10Mb limit for attachments on the site

Advantages of online productivity documents

  • The software can be used in Windows and Mac
  • Microsoft Access files can be integrated into the site
  • Multiple users may download the software

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thing 17

I enjoyed creating my own search engine on the Rollyo site. After looking at the examples on the site I was able to condense many of my favorites to one page. The ability to include all of my sites to one page keeps me from searching all over the Internet for one particular web page.